Weedcraft Inc: ‘Freedom Update’ – Now Available on Steam

Weedcraft Inc: ‘Freedom Update’ – Now Available on Steam

The generous dealers of good times at Devolver Digital and developer Vile Monarch today supplied a huge hit of gratis additions via the Freedom Update to Weedcraft Inc, the narratively-driven tycoon game examining the volatile cannabis industry that’s backed by real-world research into the drug’s social and legal controversy.

The Freedom Update rolls fan-requested features like a new Sandbox Mode together with a suite of new content and refinements, making for the most potent hit of hash-growing fun yet.

The Freedom Update slings budding business owners a generous new stash including:

  • Sandbox Mode – Set up a custom game, tailored to your preferences. Choose any of the cities to begin your business, including 3 new ones!
  • New Options – Set difficulty, amount of money and available perks
  • Chill Mode – An easier, more relaxed way to play, that you can toggle for one of the regular scenarios or for the sandbox mode.
  • Customize Your Character – Choose from old and new portraits, including two special guest stars: streamers skinnedteen and swiftor
  • Leaderboards
  • Soundtrack Update – Three new music tracks
  • New Story Events – plus many more smaller additions & fixes

Official Website: http://www.weedcraftgame.com
Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/622720/
GoG: https://www.gog.com/game/weedcraft_inc

Freedom Update Trailer:

Heat Wave DLC Trailer:


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