Niffelheim Arrives Today on PlayStation 4, Xbox One & Nintendo Switch

Niffelheim Arrives Today on PlayStation 4, Xbox One & Nintendo Switch

Today, Ellada Games has released Niffelheimtheir Viking survival-adventure game, on PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. In Niffelheim, you play as a battle-weary Viking who has been denied entry into Valhalla, even after winning countless glorious battles! As our adventuring hero, you will need to explore the overworld, battling monsters and collecting resources to craft the items you’ll need to survive your delve into the dungeon-like underworld caves. In the underworld, you’ll battle dark horrors as you search for pieces of the mystic portal that will allow you to enter Valhalla, and claim the honors you deserve. 

What’s new in the Niffelheim content update:

  • Balance updates to bosses and enemies alike! Loot has also been rebalanced with a new loot spawning system
  • Action tips provided on-screen to provide a more comfortable and welcoming experience for new and returning players that can be disabled in the settings menu
  • Never be hungry! Satiety has been rebalanced to ensure players’ stomachs stay fuller longer to keep starvation at bay
  • All character animations have been reworked so each character will have a refreshing bit of individuality  
  • Enemy mobs and bosses have been randomly dispersed among dungeons so that each exploration is unpredictable and thrilling!      

Official Website:

1.0.008 Update Trailer Trailer:

Launch Trailer:

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