For Honor: Year 3 Season 2 “Sakura” – Now Available

For Honor: Year 3 Season 2 “Sakura” – Now Available

Today, Ubisoft announced that For Honor’s Year 3 Season 2 “Sakura” is now available for download on Windows PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One X.

This new season brings a new Samurai Hero, the Hitokiri, joining the existing roster of 23 Heroes across the four in-game Factions. Playable as either a female (named Sakura) or a male Hero (named Yato), the Hitoriki are relentless executioners on the battlefield.

Wielding the Masakari, a massive Samurai battle axe, they can enter a special state to chain heavy attacks and perform special moves. The Hitokiri will be immediately playable for Year 3 Pass owners when the new season launches on May 2 while all other players will be able to purchase the Hero with in-game steel starting May 9th.

In addition to this new Hero, Year 3 Season 2 introduces a new map, Canopy, as well as Hero improvements to the Lawbringer and Raider. Those enhancements pursue the development team’s efforts to constantly refresh the experience and improve the overall game balance with each major update, which led the game to gather a community of 20 Million registered players since its release in February 2017.

Official Website:

“The Making of Sakura”:

“Year 3, Season 2” Cinematic Trailer:

Black Prior’s Riposte Event Trailer:


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