Scum – ‘Wild Hunter’ Update – Now Live

Scum – ‘Wild Hunter’ Update – Now Live

Million-selling supermax survival game SCUM received its biggest update this morning and we have a bunch of info for you. Below are details, artwork, screens, and teaser video for this girth-y update. If you have not yet tried SCUM but would like a key to check out what a million+ fans are playing, hit us up for keys!

SCUM’s Wild Hunter update introduces an intense series of new features catering to the prisoners’ most primal urges. The update is highlighted with the introduction of basic bow and arrow skills for both hunting wild game and combat against puppets and other prisoners.

Prisoners can put these new skills to use by tracking and striking new boars and goats roaming the island, and then crafting their trophies into intimidating headwear or decorative spiked heads. Slow things down around the campfire with new musical instruments to play including a banjo, guitar, and harmonica.

Though the hunting game mode and subsequent clothing/attire you can make out of each animal you kill is the ‘meat’ (pun intended) of the update, there’s also a new attribute feature we think fans will like: penis size attribution.

*dramatic pause*

When customizing a character, players can now use the same valuable attribute points used to assign strength, stamina and intelligence and put them into making their penis bigger, if they so choose. Owners of the SCUM Supporters Pack get an additional but important two inches to their penis length by default. The opposite is also true: you can take points away from your penis size and assign them elsewhere.

I don’t know what you plan to do with this information, but now, like me, it is stuck in your head and sadly will likely never be a category on Jeopardy. This is one of those tests to see who actually reads this email, and I can’t wait for the replies.

Official Website:
Patch Notes:

“Wild Hunter Update” Trailer:


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