SNK 40th Anniversary Collection – “Alpha Mission & Vanguard” Trailer

SNK 40th Anniversary Collection – “Alpha Mission & Vanguard” Trailer

Arriving November 13 on the Nintendo Switch, the SNK 40th Anniversary Collection assembles over a dozen SNK titles to be enjoyed wherever you go! Have a look at our new trailer for two classic shooters, Alpha Mission and Vanguard

Protect the Planet From Invaders!

Defend the planet in either Console or Arcade mode in Alpha Mission! After destroying their own homes through war, a galactic alliance known as the Seven Stars seeks a new place to call their own: Earth! Fight off waves of opponents in both land and aerial combat, strengthening your arsenal along the way through power ups.  

Defeat the Ruler of All Zones, Gond!

Navigate through caves and blast through foes in the multi-directional shooter, Vanguard! Replenish your constantly depleting fuel line by destroying enemies and reach the end to face the Great King Gond. Emerge victorious, and the game loops to have you battle again with greater difficulty. 

Enjoy these two blasts from the past in SNK 40th Anniversary Collection on November 13 for Nintendo Switch! Just try your best not to crash and burn!

“Alpha Mission & Vanguard” Trailer:

“Ikari Warriors Trilogy” Trailer:


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