Assault Spy’s – Now Available on Steam

Assault Spy’s – Now Available on Steam

After numerous content updates and fixes driven by user feedback, we are proud to announce Assault Spy‘s departure from Early Access into its full release! Infiltrate the Negabot corporation to expose the dark mysteries surrounding its top management. Perform your espionage with style as professional corporate spy Asaru Vito, or unapologetically brawl through enemies as CIA agent Amelia Smith.

Check out what these spies are up against in our brand new Launch Trailer. Will Asaru and his troublesome parter, Kanoko, uncover the truth behind the corporation’s takeover and redeem their dismal track record, or will this be their final mission? 

Go undercover and fight your way to the truth in Assault Spy, out now on Steam!

Official Website:

Launch Trailer:


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