God Wars The Complete Legend – Now Available for Nintendo Switch

God Wars The Complete Legend – Now Available for Nintendo Switch

Dive into the legendary and definitive experience of God Wars The Complete Legend now available on Nintendo Switch! 

We have a brand-new Launch Trailer featuring a brief overview of all the great experiences you’ll have within the beautiful and lush world, and the epic battles you’ll face with the gods!

Not to mention the refined gameplay mechanics and a new character named Orihime, you’ll want to relive Japan’s legendary tale of war, valor, and friendship.

The Shrine Maiden, Orihime, and the Labyrinth of Yomi scenario are now available as separate DLC for Play Station 4 and Play Station Vita.

God Wars The Complete Legend out now on Nintendo Switch September 4th, today!

Official Website: https://www.godwarsgame.com

Launch Trailer:

The Labyrinth of Yomi Trailer:



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