Star Traders: Frontiers – Now Available on Steam

Star Traders: Frontiers – Now Available on Steam

After eight successful months on Early Access, Star Traders: Frontiers has now launched on Steam!

Updated more than 80 times – averaging one update every three days – Star Traders: Frontiers boasts deep strategic choices, a branching storyline, and polished visuals in a stunningly detailed procedurally-generated galaxy. 

Starting today, the game’s Windows, Mac, and Linux versions have been fully updated to the latest developer build.

Additions during Early Access include:

  • 24 new types of ships
  • 100+ new ship components to customize the perfect craft
  • 2 new character Jobs
  • 32 new Talents
  • 56 new mission types
  • 22 new contact types and services
  • 10 new character outfits – with 15 new hats, helmets, and accessories
  • 4 new story eras: Second Founding, Coalition, 3rd Century, and Crimson Pox
  • Customizable difficulty: Play your own way!
  • Save Slots: Restore your captain from 4 saved moments in their career
  • Prize ship Talents: Capture enemy ships 
  • New maximum level cap – raised by 25%
  • New unlockable content through clever play

Official Website:

Launch Trailer:



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