KryptCrawler – Now Available on Steam

KryptCrawler – Now Available on Steam

CrazyBunch and Headup Games announce their old-school dungeon experience KryptCrawler is now available on Steam. Following the earlier release on Gear VR and the Oculus Rift store, it is now playable on Steam with or without Oculus Rift – you decide!

Inspired by the gameplay of classic dungeon crawlers and combined with brand new VR tech, KryptCrawler a is a must have for both retro fans and VR enthuisiasts. The low priced title is currently discounted by 20% until June 12th, so now is the perfect time for grabbing your next dungeon-crawling experience.

Throughout your adventure in the dungeon, you will have to overcome gruesome traps, face dangerous creatures and solve tricky puzzles. Explore the vast labyrinthine corridors of the crypt just equipped with a map.

Find KryptCrawler on Steam and don’t miss its great Steam Trailer.


“Steam” Launch Trailer:



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