Five Amazing Facts About Slots That Will Make You Think Twice

Five Amazing Facts About Slots That Will Make You Think Twice

From the earliest one armed bandits and fruit machines, gamers have always had a fascination with slots. What other pastime is there that allows you to play a game that is compelling and fun, and at the same time gives you the chance to win some money? It is a compelling combination, and one that has captured the imagination of more people than ever in the internet age.

To celebrate the popularity of slot machines, here are five facts about them that will definitely make you think. Drop them into casual conversation next time you are chatting to your friends online!

1) Online slots are popular across the world
There are more online casinos and social gaming sites than ever before, and as they rise in popularity, still new ones open every day. While the UK is seen as the home of online casinos, central and northern parts of mainland Europe are also seeing a huge rise in the sector. If you click here, you will see some of the most popular online casinos in Germany – those welcome bonuses look very tempting.

2) Slot machines were originally aimed at women
When slot machines were originally introduced in Vegas casinos, it was to give the ladies something to entertain themselves while the men were playing blackjack and poker. Times have certainly changed, but in the modern era, they are still more popular with women, who account for 57 percent of online gamblers.

3) The house always wins
Every casino game incorporates a house edge, which is the difference between the probability of you winning and the amount you will actually win. It is how casinos make their money and stay in business. Online slots have a lower house edge than physical ones, as internet-based casinos have lower overheads to meet. So you stand a better chance of winning online.

4) Slots are fair
Whether they are physical or online, slots have an official “return to player” or RTP rating – this is the other side of the house edge, so a house edge of 10 percent means an RTP of 90 percent. The casino has to disclose the RTP to the licensing authority and it is carefully checked and audited. A reputable casino would never “fix” a slot machine, as to do so would lose them their license and destroy their reputation.

5) Slots are a game of luck
It might sound obvious, but many people still struggle to understand that there is no strategy that will improve your chances of winning at slots. The house edge remains what it is, however you play. That doesn’t mean you should go in with no strategy at all, however. For example, it makes sense to bet the maximum amount to get the best return when lady luck decides to smile on you.

Slots are a mainstay of casinos across the globe, and their popularity at online casinos and on social gaming sites has brought them to a whole new audience. As technology continues to develop, so do the games, so get out there and enjoy them. Good luck!

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