SpellForce 3 – “Free Preview Weekend at GoG”

SpellForce 3 – “Free Preview Weekend at GoG”

SpellForce 3 blends RTS and RPG perfectly together – one of the pillars of its gameplay is the different factions. In today’s gameplay trailer, the elves are in the spotlight.

Beautiful, proud and warm at first glance, but a look behind the majestic buildings and smiling faces gives another perspective. A racist, remorseless aristocracy hunting down those of different minds. But the spark of a rebellion gives hope for a change.

In this new video, the elvish capital of Finon Mir is shown, with a band of renegades fighting orcs, men and elves alike in their search for the truth.

Free Preview Weekend at GOG.com

A chance to check out SpellForce 3 is around the corner: from Friday, November 24th, everyone can access the free preview version of SpellForce 3 at GOG.com:


Start: November 24th, 9 AM ET
End: November 27th, 5:59 PM ET

SpellForce 3 returns to the roots of the SpellForce saga. Taking place before the acclaimed SpellForce: The Order of Dawn, players will unravel a deep and epic story in the SpellForce universe with over 30 hours of single-player campaign, also playable in co-op. Additional multiplayer modes offer competitive battles for up to six players.

Create your own heroes, develop your skillset and build your army to fight in legendary battles with gameplay that expertly blends the RTS and top-down RPG genres together.

SpellForce 3 is launching on December 7th, 2017, on Windows PC and will be available with English and German voice over plus full text localization in French, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Russian and simplified Chinese.

Official Website: https://www.thqnordic.com/games/spellforce-3
Pre-order: http://spellforce.com/order-here/
Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/311290/
Free Preview: https://www.gog.com/game/spellforce_3_free_preview

New Gameplay Trailer:

CGI Trailer:


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