Movie-Inspired Halloween Game – Released on Desktop and Mobile

Movie-Inspired Halloween Game – Released on Desktop and Mobile

Slot game provider Microgaming has released their latest, very spooky, product – Halloween. The slot game is based on the infamous slasher movie Halloween from the late 1970s. The movie starred Jamie Lee Curtis and Tony Moran, among others. The branded slot game itself captures a lot of what the movie is about, including cut-scenes taken directly from the slasher.

Players can increase their chances of winning by having a go on the wandering reels, or by triggering the Boogeyman Bonus. Alternatively, take a spin on the Trick or Treat Wheel and try your best to escape Mike Myers down the dark stair-case and out the door. Microgaming has combined all the best features from the film into one game.

The Halloween slot came out on October the 16th, and is now available on both desktop and mobile. The casino game can be accessed on a number of platforms, including Android, Microsoft, Mac and Apple. You can play it either for no money, or else you can find an online casino and spend a few bucks on it. It is Halloween after all – and nothing gets you into the mood for a good scaring than Mike Myers wielding a huge bloody knife in your face.

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