Football Manager 2018 – “Tactical Revamp”

Football Manager 2018 – “Tactical Revamp”

Join Joe Thomlinson, from Football Daily, as he talks us through the redesign to the tactics screen in Football Manager 2018 in Sports Interactive’s latest feature video posted below.

The new changes will give managers even greater control and analytical insight into the performance of their team.

The redesign includes integration of tactical analysis so you can see exactly where your team is at its strongest and most vulnerable, pre-match briefings to explain the tactical plan to your team and a raft of new player roles and new player and team instructions.

These changes will allow players to get ahead of any negative trends in their eam’s performance, while having a greater number of options available to pro-actively or reactively adjust to the ever-changing circumstances in football!

For more information about Football Manager, or to pre-order the game and gain access to the beta launching around two weeks before it’s 10th November launch.

Official Website:

“Tactical Revamp” Trailer:

New Scouting System Trailer:


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