Solace Crafting – Launches on Kickstarter

Solace Crafting – Launches on Kickstarter

Solace Crafting is aiming to become a leader in both crafting and building games. We believe that both crafting and building are only fun with reasons to engage in and improve them. They need purpose and sustainability.

That’s exactly where the term “Solace Crafting” comes from. Solaces are a player crafted facility that act as a beacon for instant travel in a boundless multiverse. When a Solace is placed or upgraded, it must be defended for several minutes as evil spawns to try and stop it.

As difficulty is based on our distance from the start, placing Solaces deeper into the wild becomes increasingly challenging, asking players to unlock and upgrade new traps, gather stronger resources, craft better equipment, befriend stronger allies, and increase their combat abilities.


  • 48km (~30mi) extreme viewing distance of biomes, encounters, and more
  • Distance based difficulty in fully procedural worlds: 3km = 1 level
  • Highly customizable “recipe-less” crafting and enchanting systems
  • “No rules” player generation allowing any color, shape, size or “race”
  • Completely open classes with branching and evolving skill trees
  • Adaptive building interface makes large scale projects a breeze
  • Non-physics based buildings will never break or decay
  • Craft and place Solaces to travel instantly across vast distances
  • No mini-games, no loading bars, no timers, no chance based mechanics
  • No pay-to-play, no pay-to-win, updates/expansions free of charge


Player Building:

Distance Engine Update:


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