Flashing Lights – “Police & EMS” Gameplay Footage

Flashing Lights – “Police & EMS” Gameplay Footage

Since the launch of Flashing Lights’ Kickstarter, we have released two gameplay videos, which take a look at police and paramedic gameplay. Flashing Lights features police, fire and EMS departments, all of which come together in the game’s open-world online multiplayer.

The first of our two new gameplay videos shows off police gameplay, with arresting, pulling over, questioning and more all demonstrated, while the second focuses on EMS gameplay. As the footage shows, players will be able to inspect patients, collect them on a stretcher, drive them to hospital and more.

This is just the start for Flashing Lights, and we will be revealing more from the game through the Kickstarter campaign and beyond, including firefighting mechanics.

Players who are interested in Flashing Lights can back the Kickstarter campaign for just £8 to receive the upcoming closed alpha, as well as a copy of the game when it launches in Early Access in the first part of 2018.


  • Play as a police officer to deal with crimes, from handing out parking tickets to exciting car chases
  • Play as a firefighter to handle dangerous incidents,from putting out fires to prying civilians out of car crashes
  • Play as a medical specialist to save lives, diagnose injured and transfer civilian to the hospital
  • Players can team up with friends in online multiplayer and divide your team between the emergency services at will
  • Missions will see players responding to a variety of emergencies around the city, with the types of crimes affected by the time of day
  • Varied open world with a day and night cycle –respond to incidents across construction sights, farms, upper class estates and more

Kickstarter: http://kck.st/2wkwDju

Police Gameplay:

EMS Gameplay:

Kickstarter Trailer:

Debut Screenshots:

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