TransRoad: USA – “Rivals & Economic Events” Revealed

TransRoad: USA – “Rivals & Economic Events” Revealed

Following a successful appearance at gamescom 2017 astragon Entertainment and Deck13 Hamburg are happy to show two more gameplay features of their upcoming management simulation TransRoad: USA today: economic events and rivals.

What would the everyday challenges of a hauler be without the highs and lows of a fast moving economic system? A boom in the automotive industry gives the demand for vehicle transports a significant boost? A crisis in the metal trade makes dump trailers for bulk materials like ore or coal suddenly become more or less redundant?

A clever logistics specialist in TransRoad: USA will always be prepared to take the right precautions and therefore be able to react swiftly and efficiently to any market changes that may occur by diversifying his truck fleet. Of course he himself also holds some sway over how the transport prices for goods will develop during the game – the rules of supply and demand apply here as well.

Next to economic uncertainties competing businesses are what will keep the owner of any truck company constantly on his toes. In TransRoad: USA up to five AI controlled rivals are waiting to compete with the player for the spot of the most successful US hauler. If, and if yes, how many competitors the player wants to challenge, will be completely up to him in both the quest and sandbox mode. He will also be able to freely choose the size of these competitors.

Is the virtual hauler successful in his race to become the nation’s biggest logistics company, he will also be given the chance to propose an unbeatable takeover bid to his rivals and expand his own company by the clients, drivers and truck fleet of the unlucky competitor.

TransRoad: USA – becoming available in retail and online on November 9th, 2017.

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