TransRoad: USA – “Reputation & Marketing” Revealed

TransRoad: USA – “Reputation & Marketing” Revealed

astragon Entertainment and Deck13 Hamburg are today continuing their series of feature introductions for their new management simulation game TransRoad: USA with two new important aspects that have already been briefly touched upon in previous parts: reputation and marketing.

One of the keys for running a successful business is of course a good reputation not only among existing but also in regards to prospective clients. Just as it works in the real world the player of TransRoad: USA will be able to increase his company’s reputation by completing successful on-time deliveries. Depending on the size and complexity of the order, the hauler will receive a certain amount of reputation points both at the end of the sender and the recipient of the cargo.

These reputation points will increase the popularity of the player’s business – depending on the client sometimes faster, sometimes slower – and result in unlocking new, more complex and lucrative delivery contracts. Delayed or even cancelled contracts will in reverse mean a loss of reputation points. The damage caused by this to the company’s image can lead at worst to a client losing their trust into the hauler’s abilities and refusing to offer any new contracts for the forseeable future. As news about good or bad reputation travels fast in the transport industry, these developments will not only affect one client in isolation but all of its subsidiaries across the nation.

In addition to the aforementioned word-to-mouth advertising and the personal contacts to his clients, the player can also utilize another tool to increase his image in TransRoad: USA: marketing. Marketing campaigns via newspaper, radio, TV, internet and billboards can be started in each of the game’s 37 cities. Such a campaign is especially suited for winning over new clients and acquiring new contracts in a chosen city.

In addition to his choice of medium, the player will of course also be able to influence the length – and therefore the price – of a campaign. While running such a measure he should be very careful to successfully complete all contracts in the chosen city. As all eyes within the industry are now set on the company, tardiness will result in an especially high loss of reputation points!

Logistics fans feeling up to tackling the challenging task of becoming the country’s biggest hauler can start their very own company in TransRoad: USA this fall.

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