Tekken 7: “In-Game Character Panel Collaborations”

Tekken 7: “In-Game Character Panel Collaborations”

Tekken 7 has taken the fighting-game world by storm and now that unstoppable energy has infiltrated the world of art as the developers behind Tekken 7 team-up with world-renowned artists such as famed Mexican-American cartoon & graffiti artist; Mister Cartoon, San Francisco based street artist and graphic designer; Jeremy Fish, and provocative American artist; Ron English, just to name a few.

These new character panels will become available for players to download onto their PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PCs via Steam in September 2017 at no charge.

DLC Pack # 2 “Geese Howard” Trailer:

DLC Pack # 1 “Tekken Bowl” Trailer:

Character Panel Collaborations:


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