Albion Online: Hector Update – Now Live

Albion Online: Hector Update – Now Live

Albion Online’s last big update before worldwide launch is now live. Dubbed ‘Hector’, this release contains brand new features in addition to improvements to existing features like the lawless ‘Outlands’, the PvP feature ‘Hellgates’, and new-player tutorial. Introduced in Hector is an innovative new NPC known only as ‘The Black Market’ which will drive the player-based economy forward by buying player-crafted gear and redistributing them as equipment drops.

Hector is the launch ready update to Albion Online; the developers will be putting the final touches to the game over the next month as they head straight towards the official release. Sandbox Interactive is redefining the MMO genre, so make sure you get in on the ground floor! Stay tuned for more details regarding the launch of Albion Online.

Additions and Changes in the Hector Update:

  • The Black Market is a new merchant NPC in Caerleon, who buys items from crafters and redistributes them to the mobs and chests of Albion. The Black Market is unlike your typical NPC merchant – His demand for items is based on how many mobs are killed across the world. This new feature ensures fresh drops in PvE, while not taking away from the player-driven economy.
  • An Update to the Outlands includes the removal of current cities in the black zones and harbors. The connection between the royal continent and the Outlands will be ensured by a portal in Caerleon that links to the various parts of the Outlands. The higher Outlands areas will have a better chance to see enchanted resources over the royal continent.
  • Hellgates, offering the perfect mix between PvE and PvP in Albion Online, are getting a much-needed facelift. Now shaped like a pentagram with multiple entrances, players can access Hellgates with varying levels of difficulty: Ashen Hellgates (safe zones), Ignited Hellgates (yellow zones), and Infernal Hellgates (red and black zones).
  • New Mounts are being introduced for Undead, Morgana, and Keeper factions
  •   The Tutorial has undergone significant improvements. The Royal Expeditionary Forces will give beginning players a basic mission line to follow, introducing them to the possibilities available in Albion.
  • + Many other new additions and improvements!


  • Player-driven economy, everything is crafted and sold by players, giving everyone a chance to affect the market.
  • Game-changing ‘classless system’ that does away with traditional roles. Instead, you are what you wear! Customize your gear to create your role, and quickly swap to other gear sets.
  • Join a Guild to improve your chances of survival! Fight rivaling Guilds for land over an ever-shifting territory map to ensure your team retains the upper hand.
  • Over 200,000 founder accounts while in beta

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