Project Highrise – “Passes the $1 Million Mark”

Project Highrise – “Passes the $1 Million Mark”

Kasedo Games has announced that building management simulator, Project Highrise has made over $1million of revenue since its release in September 2016.

With over 70,000 units sold, the game developed by Chicago-based SomaSim, has continued to be updated at no further cost to players. From seasonal decorative items to mechanical changes such as skybridges and vending machines, the updates have proved to be a hit with grateful fans of the game, available for Windows and Mac.
“From the beginning, we have always wanted to show our gratitude to the community for all of their support,” said Matthew Viglione, co-founder of SomaSim. “We’ve really enjoyed interacting with them since releasing the game and we can’t think of a better way to thank them for their support than these free updates and improvements based on their feedback.

“To be honest, we’ve been amazed by the success of Project Highrise and our partnership with Kasedo Games has been vital to that. Working with them has been a great experience. Their ideas and expertise have been invaluable to the development of the game and together we’ve produced a game that we’re both immensely proud of.”

Kasedo Games has now released a video showing all the updates that have been included so far along with the latest free addition, which will allow players to place multi-storey lobbies in their thriving skyscrapers. The lobby update will also include new wallpapers and lobby art to give the new space a look of grandeur and elegance.


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