Overfall (Review) PC

Overfall (Review) PC
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Overfall is a turn-based RPG from Pera Games. It begins with an old man telling our heroes that they were last seen hundreds of years ago and that the king had disappeared from the world in their absence. The goal is to find the king before the enemy does. The heroes consist of an adventurer who has an epic beard and a female cleric, which can heal you when things go south. He then asks the heroes to speak to all of the world’s clan leaders to help them find the king. The heroes are then placed on a ship in an arbitrary ocean and left to their own devices. It is up to the player to figure out gameplay and to figure out how they want to complete the game.

The game has 6 different races that you can either befriend or become enemies with. As you sail around the ocean to explore the different islands which are generated randomly, a map screen will tell you which races are on the island and your current relationship with those races. As your boats move, so do the other boats; this makes interception inevitable throughout the game. Sometimes these encounters can be simple, while others remind me of viking raiders that you have to fend off. I cannot tell you how many times I have died fighting those raiders. When you visit each island, you are first given a task that you must complete, which can be anything from having a conversation with someone to completing a quest.


While you talk to the different people on the island, you are given a choice in how you can respond to certain questions that they ask you. White answers are your basic answers that anyone asks, while the yellow answers are answers that are class specific to a certain character and can change the relationship with the race you are interacting with. How you act, talk or fight in each situation will affect your reputation within that race, along with the amount of money and food you will receive. You reap greater rewards if you are nice versus being mean, which makes it feel almost like a life lesson.

There are 36 different characters that you can unlock as you complete the different tasks during gameplay. However, you start out with a cleric, which can heal you from any attacks and deal damage with magic, along with a fighter that has an awesome beard. If you complete enough tasks during the play-through, you can unlock two other character slots to help you out on your journey. I did not do this on my first play through, but rather my fifth. I died a lot and I mean a lot. Each character has its own stats and abilities that you can use throughout your quest and can change the outcome of the game. There are different endings depending on what races you have made enemies or friends with. I have had to play the game several times to unlock different characters, due to dying when they threw a crazy battle at me in the beginning of my gameplay.


When your characters are thrown into a fight, the environment adds a grid to which you can move on and each turn gives you three different actions per turn. The actions are broken down into movement, stat effects and damage. You have to use strategy to get through the fight. You cannot just choose randomly or you will die a sudden death, something I found out during my first couple of play-throughs. Fights can start out going your way, but then switch and turn out bad very quickly. They can fall apart even with the best laid plans because there is some intelligence to the AI, causing you to alter your play throughout the game.

You cannot just use the same method of play in each fight because they are all different. If a character is low on health, they will gang up on it and kill it. There are different combat strategies for each race, so it is up to you to figure out that strategy and defeat them. Fights can take a long time and sometimes become tedious.

The music is subtle throughout the game, but during the fight scenes it comes to the forefront. It slowly builds up throughout the fight and then adds these male voices as the fight goes on. It helps to create the mood throughout the fight and you will soon find yourself humming to the music as it goes on. The art style is interesting with the characters having really large heads for their bodies.

Each quest can take up to three hours or more. I died a lot so it took me a little bit more and several sittings to complete the game, which is good because all the mini games and side quests make me feel like I’m grinding. The battles can be long and repetitive, which can make the gameplay grueling and very time consuming. I often felt as if I was trying to level up on a World of Warcraft game and was easily frustrated as characters were killed off quickly halfway through a fight. If a campaign is not your thing or you want to continue gameplay after you are finished with the game, there is a story builder mode to the game allowing you to create your own scenario. It is an ingenious way to increase the replayability of the game and was what allowed me to give this game a higher score. Once you have created a story or scenario, you can then publish it online for others to play.


I enjoyed playing this game with its crazy art style, epic score and the dude with the beard. Sometimes I was frustrated when I died quickly due to crazy hard battles at the beginning of the game, and not knowing what I was doing at the start of the game. There is absolutely no tutorial for this game, so it is an experience to try to figure it out. I enjoyed the combination of strategy combined with a turn-based RPG; it had me think about each move, stat and character that I used throughout the game. Endings were altered due to choices that I made during different campaigns and which race I befriended. I recommend choosing the races you want to be friends with early on in the game to help boost rewards and make it easier to find the king, versus sailing around forever and a day.

Candice ‘Gamer Girl’ Wendt’
Platform: PC

System Requirements:
• Minimum:
◦ OS: Windows 7+
◦ Memory: 2 GB RAM
◦ Graphics: Open GL 3.2+ Compliant
◦ DirectX: Version 9.0
◦ Storage: 2500 MB available space
◦ Sound Card: Windows Compatible Card
◦ Additional Notes: 1080p, 16:9 recommended

Developer: Pera Games
Publisher: Pera Games
Price: $14.99

Overfall Official Website: http://www.overfallthegame.com/

Review Score
I enjoyed the game's crazy, but unique art style.
The music is subtle throughout the game, but during the fight scenes it comes to the forefront.
Each quest can take up to three hours or more.
I enjoyed playing this game with its crazy art style, epic score and the dude with the beard.
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