Addictive Games on Mobile Phones Over the Last 20 Years

Addictive Games on Mobile Phones Over the Last 20 Years

The mobile game industry has experienced phenomenal growth in recent years. So much growth has occurred that mobile phones have become the top devices used for gaming even surpassing traditional gaming consoles. During this time, many iconic games have emerged.

Candy Crush
This game was released four years again and become such a sensation, they it was an integral part of pop culture. A puzzle game, players navigate through different levels matching icons.candycrush696x696 Another aspect of the game includes players creating new kinds of candy as they integrate candy icons collected.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
Grand Theft Auto has been a successful video game with numerous installments. This particular sequel is important in that it really intensified the game. Players now were even better equipped to customize their characters. The mobile version was available for a variety of mobile phone operating systems including Android, Apple, Windows and Fire.

Treasure Nile
Online casinos helped to make gambling games popular which led to many being developed for mobile phones. This slot machine games has five reels and nine paylines. Unlike most slot machine games, Treasure Nile allows players to wager different amounts of money on each payline.

First released in 1988 for use on gaming consoles, Madden quickly became the most popular sports simulation. Soon it was also developed for use on mobile phones. With this game, football fans could custom build their own NFL team and play the game.

grand-theft-auto-san-andreas-520x924Space Invaders
This classic Atari game from the 1980’s was developed into a mobile format in 2000. It quickly became popular to play on mobile devices due to its simplicity. The game didn’t use a lot of resources which made it ideal for the technology available at the time.

As times goes on and technology changes, even more games will become popular. Perhaps some will make a future version of this list.

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