Expeditions: Viking – Developer Diary

Expeditions: Viking – Developer Diary

Expeditions: Viking, the follow up to Expeditions: Conquistador in the historical RPG series, delves deep into Viking character design with Logic Artists’ art director, August Hansen, as he explains the motivations and research discoveries of character design while developing the game.

In Expeditions: Viking, players take the role of a son or daughter of a fallen village leader. You must assert yourself as the rightful heir and leader of the village, but you’re not alone in the struggle for leadership. Before you begin your journey however, you must create your character, which brings us to character design.

As you’ll see in the video and pictures below, Logic Artists is taking special care to provide players with the options of authentic outfits with colors of varying hues. “We’re trying to make them visually really interesting, colorful and larger than life,” said Logic Artists Art Director August Hansen. “But at the same time, keep them grounded in reality and in historical authenticity.” So, don’t expect to see horns on any of the helmets.

Viking popularity continues to surge with many popular TV series and comic books diving into the interesting lives of the culture. Logic Artists hopes that its Viking adaptation in the Expeditions series is embraced by RPG lovers and historical buffs alike.

Official Website: http://www.expeditionsseries.com

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