Syber Steam Machine – Now 40% off The Regular Price

Syber Steam Machine – Now 40% off The Regular Price

From now until midnight tonight, Syber is offering $200 in total savings on all three of its Steam Machines to customers in the US and Canada. During the sale, the Syber Steam Machine I is just $299, 40% off the regular price of $499.

As the first fully customizable console to run SteamOS, the Syber Steam Machine is a new kind of living room experience that opens your TV to thousands of games. Why settle for small screen gaming on titles that were meant to be experienced on the big screen.

With builds starting at $499 and the performance to crush your competition, the Syber Steam Machine lets you run many of the newest titles at ultra high quality 4k. Giving you the power to play.

Key Features:

  • Fully upgradeable to maximize performance
  • Premium builds with ultra high quality 4k resolution
  • Supports up to an NVIDIA GTX 980
  • SteamOS installed and access to hundreds of games natively and thousands of games utilizing Steam Streaming

The P and X units are also being offered at $200 savings until midnight tonight.

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