Black Sails: The Ghost Ship – Launching on Steam September 17th

Black Sails: The Ghost Ship – Launching on Steam September 17th

Award-winning German game developers Deck 13 today announced the upcoming release of Black Sails-The Ghost Ship for PC on Steam. Previously released in Germany to critical and popular acclaim Black Sails-The Ghost Ship is a macabre and mysterious point-and-click adventure game best played with the lights turned down and the volume turned up. Black Sails-The Ghost Ship immerses players into a journey into the nightmarish depths of the human soul, blurring the lines between truth and fiction.

“With the resurgence in popularity of adventure games, we felt the time was right to bring Black Sails-The Ghost Ship to a North American audience,” said Jan Klose, Creative Director for Deck 13. “We’re looking forward to giving Steam players the same chill-inducing thrills enjoyed by our German fans of the game.”

Adrift in a raging sea with no hope for rescue, two survivors cling to wreckage, trying to survive a few more minutes. A sinister ship appears from the mists.  The survivors call for help, but no one answers. Desperate and near death, they manage to climb aboard … but will the ship be their salvation, or their demise?


  • Richly detailed ship that can be freely explored
  • Decisions affect the characters’ relationship and the game’s outcome
  • Classic point-and-click controls
  • Hints if you’re too frightened to figure out what to do next
  • Macabre soundtrack that adds to the eerie atmosphere


Launch Trailer:


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