Retroism Brings the Classic Action Pack to Steam

Retroism Brings the Classic Action Pack to Steam

Tommo Inc., a global game and entertainment company and Night Dive Studios, a game developer that specializes in the restoration and optimization of classic game titles announce the release today of the Classic Action Pack, a compilation of 5 classic game titles including the heralded first-person shooter Redline and the real-time strategy hit 7th Legion.

Games from Retroism arriving on Steam on October 23rd include:

Redline: One of the first games to combine the style of a First Person Shooter with Vehicular Combat, Redline received “90 out of 100” from Gaming Entertainment Monthly. Players can fight their enemies on foot with a variety of weapons or jump into a Battle Wheels rig to start blowing things up with the vehicle’s weapons systems.

7th Legion: A thematically ground-breaking game that takes place in a future when reckless consumption and overpopulation have brought the Earth’s ecology to the brink of collapse. The most privileged, the Chosen, had left the Earth, but now they have returned intending to take control once again. But this time, the 7th Legion awaits to oppose them.  Offering a multitude of strategic choices, including letting players choose to play as either the Chosen or the 7th Legion, the game has endless replayability.

Slave Zero: It is five hundred years in the future, man and machine are virtually one and the greatest megacity in the world is locked in brutal war. You play as the ultimate saboteur, part of an elite fighting force. Your mission: steal the largest, most sophisticated biomechanical attack weapon ever designed and kick some serious ass.

Deadlock: Planetary Conquest: An often underrated turn-based strategy game that allows players to choose from among a variety of human or alien races, each with their own strengths and weaknesses, as you try to conquer a world. You research new technologies, build settlements and try to wipe your opponents off the planet….before they destroy you!

Deadlock 2: Shrine Wars: Ancient and mysterious Shrines have revealed the location of an extinct alien home world.  These shrines can unlock the most powerful technology in the Universe, but now seven interstellar empires are in a race to gain this secret power for themselves. Will you be the first to victory?

Each title will be available on Steam for $6.99 and will play on most Windows systems. The titles will premier with a limited-time 25% discount, and a Classic Action Pack including all of these releases will also be available at additional savings.

Retroism Classic Actiion Pack:

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