Stranded Without a Phone: Retina Edition – Now Available on iTunes

Stranded Without a Phone: Retina Edition – Now Available on iTunes

Lost in space among an ocean of apps, Stranded Without a Phone – Retina Edition seeks new survivors. Find your way to the App Store after watching the game’s new trailer!

Stranded Without a Phone – Retina Edition is a deep survival RPG featuring strategy and crafting elements. A spacefaring party has crash-landed on an island, and must survive by scavenging for food, building shelter, and collecting salvageable parts from the spaceship wreckage that wash ashore. Players must use the parts to build a space radio and call for a rescue team to win the game.

The original Stranded Without a Phone debuted on the App Store in late 2009 and was well-received by the iOS community.

The game has since released as the enhanced Retina Edition, which includes new characters, interface and graphic updates, and other new features that have been implemented based on player feedback.

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