Troubadour – An Interactive Graphic Novel

Troubadour – An Interactive Graphic Novel

Troubadour is an interactive experience that comments on our personal relationship with technology. Follow the protagonist, Lu, as she wanders through dreamlike digital scenes full of glitch aesthetic and experimental music.

Troubadour is the first game from Seattle developer, Cicatriz Entertainment.

Check out the video posted below and get more details on the team’s $15,000 campaign (almost halfway there!) on the Kickstarter page.

Troubadour is a story about accepting the responsibilities and expectations of life in a world of toxic distractions. You’ll guide Lu as her perception of the world is wrapped in a glitch-filled aesthetic, permeated with digital toys, and moves to a striking soundtrack.

The experience, at a high level, is critical of how our society no longer moderates our relationship with technology and the consequences we face because of that.

We’re trying to ride that fine line between revealing enough to prove why this endeavor is worth supporting while keeping the real surprises under wraps.

Official Website:
Kickstarter Campaign:

Kickstarter Video:
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