Professional Farmer 2014 (Review) PC

Professional Farmer 2014 (Review) PC
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UiG is famously known for their Agricultural Simulator series, which has seen multiple releases throughout the years. But instead of releasing another sequel in their award-winning series, UiG decided to release a brand-new farming series called, Professional Farmer 2014.

Professional Farmer 2014 is nothing like Agricultural Simulator 2013, but it does use the traditional interface that was adopted by Agricultural Simulator 2012. Similar to 2012, Professional Farmer is an immersive farming simulator that will have you doing more than just growing crops. While some farming simulators isolate you inside their living worlds, Professional Farmer does the exact opposite as its world is full of activity.

Professional Farmer 2014 offers multiple game modes. You can choose to play a career-based game which will teach you the ropes or you can experience free play mode where there are no boundaries or storyline to follow. Campaign mode is a nonlinear experience that is much like Free Play Mode, but you are given objectives and goals to complete.

Whether you play Career Mode or Free Play, you are given 20,000 Euro and a handful of farming equipment to start. You begin with the bare essentials for planting your harvest, but you are still required to get a loan from the bank to purchase a combine for harvesting your crops. One feature that sets Professional Farmer 2014 apart from others games in the genre is the ability to earn cash in addition to the crops you harvest. This saves the player from performing minimal tasks that they would otherwise rather not do.

You can earn additional money by helping your neighbors with farming objectives. These objectives can include helping your neighbor harvest their crops when their combine breaks down to assisting in field plowing or even cultivating. If you choose to do these tasks, they will net you plenty of cash. This is a fantastic way of earning additional cash for purchasing equipment for your farm.

Finding your way around the farm (or the world itself) is easy, and can be done by using the PDA, which is located in the lower left-hand corner of the screen. From the PDA, you can locate things such as your personal stats, money, animals and even how much acreage you own. The PDA is also useful when cultivating and plowing your field(s). It contains all the proper information needed to understand how much field you have left and what you still need to accomplish.

Professional Farmer 2014 includes a dynamic weather system with the changing of seasons. This means that your crops will be affected by the temperatures of Spring, Fall and Summer, and you must plan accordingly to keep your crops alive.

Since working in a field can be dirty business, Tractcan be ors and other equipment will look dirty overtime as they cake up with dirt and mud.  When this happens, you have the option to clean your equipment. But if you decide not to clean your vehicles, a rain storm will eventually come along and clean everything off.

Your heavy equipment and vehicles will leave tracks everywhere you drive. Driving across a freshly plowed field will cause indents from the tire tracks and ruin the pristine look of the dirt. The attention to detail is absolutely stunning and unlike anything ever seen before in the genre.

Thanks to the game’s day and night cycle, you can start farming in the early morning hours right into the evening. The most surprising feature is being able to hire yourself out as a farmhand. By doing this, you can make additional money by working for someone else.

In previous agricultural simulators released by UiG, there has always been a feature to hire additional workers for your farm. This feature is also present in Professional Farmer 2014, but the only downside is the lack of visuals for the process. Once you hire a worker and assign them a task, the work order gets completed immediately. You don’t actually see the workers perform their tasks on your farm like in other simulators. This doesn’t make or break the experience, but it would have added to the game’s realism if you could see your hired help working on your farm.

Professional Farmer 2014 is, without a doubt, one of the most realistic simulators to date. The photorealistic environments and authentic farming equipment really make
UiG’s latest simulator into a remarkable experience. The pleasure and satisfaction you gain by playing Professional Farmer 2014 is simply indescribable.

James ‘Daripp3r’ Pittaro

System Requirements

OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo / AMD Athlon X2
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: Nvidia GeForce 6800GT / AMD Radeon HD 3650
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Hard Drive: 4 GB available space

Developer: PlayWay S.A.
Publisher: United Independent Entertainment
Price: $19.99

Professional Farmer 2014’s Official Website

Review Score
Visually appealing and graphically stunning.
The cockpit music while driving your tractor keeps you groovin’ the entire time you’re farming.
Hands down the best gameplay of any farming simulator.
UiG does it again with Professional Farmer 2014; it has the makings of an award-winning series like their Agricultural series.
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