Trainz: A New Era – Night & Day Cycle Revealed

Trainz: A New Era – Night & Day Cycle Revealed

Australian indie developer N3V has announced Trainz: A New Era, the latest iteration of their popular railroad / railway simulator for PC and Mac. The game will be coming out next year, and the team is currently running a Kickstarter campaign (which is already over 60% funded after less than two weeks).

For over a decade, Trainz has been the world’s most popular rail simulator, featuring hundreds of trains from past and modern eras. It’s all about trains and fans of trains: drive locomotives, operate railroads, or build your own routes, and share with a community of over 500,000 railroad enthusiasts.

Trainz: A New Era expands and enhances everything fans have loved about the series, with an all-new graphics engine, new features, new levels of realism, and new tools to customize your railroad building and riding experience.


  • Something for Everyone: Trainz is designed to be flexible and open-ended, allowing train enthusiasts total freedom to do as they please.
  • Choose your Interaction: Drive trains, operate a railroad, or sit back and watch the trains go by. Or perhaps just keep adding more details to the route you have always wanted.
  • Realistic Physics: Our in-cab control system provides a realistic train driving experience that accurately models vehicle momentum, individual component systems, and physical effects such as air and curve resistance.
  • Simple Driving Controls: If you don’t know your independent brakes from your reverser, or prefer a simpler approach, choose “Easy” mode and drive your trains with simple speed controls.
  • Steam, Diesel or Electric: Whatever your favorite era, railroad or motive power, Trainz has a locomotive just for you, with trains and routes from all over the world, including the UK, US, Australia, France, Germany, Russia, China, Spain, and South Africa.
  • Control Multiple Trains Simultaneously: If you prefer to operate the whole railroad, allocate drivers to each locomotive and set them to work using Driver Commands to load, unload, and couple.
  • Build Your Dream Rail World: Mold the terrain, paint detailed ground textures, add weather and sky, and populate the environment with thousands of items. A mountainous 1860s logging route, the section of mainline you rode as a boy, or the freight line that runs past your house today… What is your dream rail line?
  • Rolling Stock: In addition to locomotives, add ore cars, mixed freight, flatcars, boxcars, reefers, transporters, tankers, passenger wagons, cabooses, and more for a complete train experience.
  • Additional Downloadable Content: With over 200,000 items FREE on the Download Station, you are sure to find exactly the item you are looking for.

Official Website:

Kickstarter Trailer:
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Night & Day Cycle” – Trailer:


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