Good Girls Gone Ugh! Girl Fight (Review) Xbox 360

Good Girls Gone Ugh! Girl Fight (Review) Xbox 360
Review Score:

In the world of fighting games, one would think that an all-female fighter would sound appealing, right?  Well, for “Girl Fight” by Kung Fu Factory and Majesco Entertainment, I’d say not so much.

In this combo-driven babe brawler, GF invites players to follow the paths of eight fightin’ females with psychic abilities, who battle each other within a secret government research facility known as “THE FOUNDATION”.  In these battles, players can use hand-to-hand combat and psychic powers (called “PSI”) to decimate their opponents, earning virtual currency along the way to unlock new PSI abilities, character bio info, alternate costumes, etc.

The combo and move sets for each character is pretty extensive, but the combo strings are still simplistic. This means you needn’t worry about mastering and memorizing each character’s moves down to a science.

GF’s graphics are generic and uninspired — if you’re looking for sex appeal, you’re certainly not going to find something like Dead Or Alive 5 Ultimate here.  The femme fighters look more like leftovers from the PS2 and original XBox days and the various areas they fight in are ho-hum at best. Even the PSI powers don’t look impressive at all.  The sounds are equally just as boring.

Between the background music with all the songs sounding almost the same, occasional grunts and screams, and the fight announcer taunting you between matches, your eardrums will certainly thank you if you mute the volume. And there’s nothing to say as far as the controls go, as all you really need to know are where your punch, kick, and PSI buttons are.

I’d say my biggest issue with GF is just that it’s so generic and plain, especially when compared to so many other great fighting games.  The characters  lack personality and any real ‘oomph’ in their combat skills.  Unlocking the game’s extras leaves a lot to be desired and the A.I. is very dull unless you have the difficulty setting at its highest.

All in all, GF is really nothing more than just disappointing and forgettable.  For a game that saw the light of day among other much better fighters out there, I expected a lot more from this current-gen fighter.

Sean Boley
Xbox 360 (Available on XBLA)
Developer: Kung Fu Factory
Publisher: Majesco Entertainment
ESRB: M (Mature)
Price: $9.99

Girl Fight’s Official Website

Review Score
Nothing sexy or spectacular to see here.
I would rather listen to the background music in my brain.
Game lacks depth and any real fun value.
I expected a lot more from this current-gen fighter.
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