Hoppetee – Coming to iOS Devices June 25th

Hoppetee – Coming to iOS Devices June 25th

Get ready to roll into the beautiful and visually stunning world of Hoppetee!. Birgit Stock, a German indie development team, today announced that its first game, Hoppetee!, will be available for download June 25 on iOS devices for $0.99.

Hoppetee, a Dutch word meaning “go on!” or “you did it!” which has a perfect correlation for a grasshopper’s name in English, chronicles the adventures of a courageous little grasshopper, who is both smaller than all his friends and unable to jump as high as the big ones. Upon discovering a new object during his adventures, Hoppetee finds an alternate way to navigate through the game’s whimsical world – all accompanied by a catchy tune.

“With Hoppetee!, we wanted to expand on our experience illustrating comics, bringing our art into an interactive medium. We wanted to create an experience that was more than just gameplay — we wanted our little grasshopper’s story to set a positive tone for players and relay the message to never give up,” said Rainer Stock, project lead at Birgit Stock. “Hoppetee is a lovable character whose story is told through engaging side-scrolling gameplay and beautiful environments.”

Using different colored balls, Hoppetee can run, jump and float, so players must time jumps, maximize speed and distance to make it through the level. Players must also score points to activate useful power-ups, fueling Hoppetee’s flow with musical notes to get into the groove. Don’t forget to collect fireflies, because without their light, Hoppetee won’t pass the night.

Developed by Birgit Stock and Chimera Entertainment, Hoppetee! will be available for download Tuesday, June 25, via the iTunes App Store for $0.99.



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