Worms Revolution – F2P Weekend on Steam

Worms Revolution – F2P Weekend on Steam

PC gamers get ready! Starting April 18th and ending April 21st anyone will be able to download and play Worms Revolution. During the free to play weekend gamers will have unlimited access to the multiplayer sections of Worms Revolution ensuring there will be plenty of worm-on-worm death and destruction.

It’s going to be a weekend of carnage that will see newcomers experiencing Worms Revolution’s new features such as worm classes, physics objects and dynamic water. Existing owners will be able to show off their finely-honed skills and enjoy all the currently available DLC content. During the free to play weekend there’ll be a massive 50% off Worms Revolution and the Worms Revolution Season Pass too!

During the Free to Play Weekend we’re also offering a massive 50% off discount on the Worms Collection.

That’s every Worms title ever released on Steam together with all the DLC for a great price. The Worms Collection usually retails for £64.99, €78.99, $89.99 but is available now with 50% off.

Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/200170/



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