Crushin’ Robots: NYC – Now Available Free on iTunes

Crushin’ Robots: NYC – Now Available Free on iTunes

Today mobile developer Falling Objects Entertainment releases its debut game, Crushin’ Robots – NYC. A lone construction worker on a New York City rooftop is the last line of defense against an evil horde of robots crossing the river to conquer his beloved Big Apple. Turn construction equipment into instruments of destruction and keep the evil robots at bay!

Load up the automatic nail gun to destroy enemies at long range, sling heavy wrenches and lob explosive propane tanks to stop the invaders dead in their tracks. As busted robots pile up on the street below, their scrap metal is collected and can be used at the Workshop to buy new weapons and traps, upgrade existing equipment and add additional lives to the health bar.


  • Endless waves of robots that progressively increase in difficulty
  • 7 types of robot baddies to keep you on your steel covered toes
  • 10 unique weapons and power-ups from the construction yard
  • A “Scrap Meter” that, once filled with the nuts and bolts of the enemy, calls in speeding boats, trucks and other bonus attacks for massive destruction
  • Scrap for real-money purchase in the Workshop so you can pack a punch in a hurry
  • Universal support for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch
  • High-Resolution Retina Display Graphics
  • Game Center integration to compare scores with friends, earn achievements and climb global leaderboards

Crushin’ Robots: NYC is available for FREE in the App Store now.

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