Alien Spidy – Gameplay Footage

Alien Spidy – Gameplay Footage

In anticipation of Kalypso Media Digital upcoming action-platformer Alien Spidy, the Leicester, UK-based publisher today released an extraordinary speed run video of Alien Spidy himself blazing though six levels in flawless form.

Alien Spidy features 69 levels, three settings (Forest, Pond, Caves), and more than 300 collectibles and achievements.  Players will find a mixture of side-scrolling action artistically crafted with bright landscapes and constantly evolving physical puzzles.

Alien Spidy will be available March 20 on Xbox LIVE Arcade for the Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system from Microsoft for 800 Microsoft Points and the Mac and Windows PC for $9.99. The PlayStation Network version will launch soon thereafter for $9.99.

Gameplay Footage:


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