Dollar Dash (Review) PC

Dollar Dash (Review) PC
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Dollar Dash is a fast-paced, isometric platformer where the objective is to grab as much cash as possible. There are three different game modes – Dollar Dash, Hit’n’Run and Save the Safe (which can be played online with friends).

Dollar Dash is primarily an online game where you compete against other players, but gamers looking for a single-player experience can play against NPCS in offline mode.

There are 10 different maps to play on with their own obstacles to overcome. Dollar Dash mode has the player grabbing as much cash as possible, while Hit ‘n’Run has you beating your opponents to steal cash. Save the Safe is the complete opposite of the previous two modes.

The objective is to capture the safe and avoid being hit by your opponents. The maps contain weapons and power ups that can be used to defeat your opponents. Plus, there is a plethora of different traps that can be used to stop your competitors.

Additional cash is earned as you progress through the game. This money is used to unlock clothing such as bandit masks, hats, sunglasses, armor, taunts and dance moves. You can also unlock perks, upgrades and weapons to improve your robber. Winning a match will net you cash that can be used to purchase these items from the item shop.

Dollar Dash does a good job of adding style and even humor to being a robber. With knockdown fist fights and mini firecracker rockets, Dollar Dash is unique unto itself. This is one platform game that is definitely more fun to play with others than it is to play with NPCs. However, playing the game offline is a good way of unlocking better gear for your robber.

The leaderboard creates a competitive atmosphere for would-be robbers as competition between players is fierce. Plus, Dollar Dash is a great way to pass the time by. Its simple game mechanics make it easy for anyone to jump right in to and start stealing cash.

Graphically, Dollar Dash has a unique, cartoon-like presentation that doesn’t take itself too seriously. It adds to the game’s atmosphere without making it seem too childish. The music is rather comical and it maintains an upbeat rhythm the entire time you play. The music selection is limited to a small selection of tracks, but they’re effective nonetheless.

Gamers looking for a unique experience will find it when they play Dollar Dash, especially when they spend hours unlocking all the items to improve their robber; it’s borderline addictive.

James ‘Daripp3r’ Pittaro

System Requirements

OS: Windows XP/Vista/7™
Processor: 1.7 GHz single-core
Memory: 1 GB RAM
Graphics: 128MB DirectX compatible card (ATI Radeon  Series 2xxx / NVIDIA Geforce  Series 7xxx)
DirectX: 9.0c
Hard Drive: 600 MB HD space
Sound: DirectX 9.0c compatible
Other Requirements: Broadband Internet connection
Additional: Local multiplayer requires one game controller per additional player

Developer: Candygun Games
Publisher: Kalypso Media Digital
Price: $9.99

Kalypso Media Digital’s Website

Review Score
Cartoon-like graphics and well designed environments.
Comical music that sets the pace for the action.
Action-packed gameplay that keeps you on your toes.
Dollar Dash is a well-rounded platformer with plenty of action
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