SmashMuck Champions – Entering Closed Beta on Steam March 22nd

SmashMuck Champions – Entering Closed Beta on Steam March 22nd

Ready to GET SMASHED? Indie developer Kiz Studios announces today that its madcap multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA), SmashMuck Champions, will be entering a Steam closed beta on March 22, 2013, kicking off the studio’s participation at PAX East.

Throughout the show, PAX attendees can stop by Kiz’s booth (#508) or Freeplay Sessions in the PCLAN area to get hands-on with the special SmashMuck PAX East demo, meet with the game’s creators and receive beta keys and free swag.

SmashMuck Champions combines action, skill and strategy with fast battles and intense action in bone-crushing combat.  During the show, attendees can challenge each other for PAX dominance over five different arenas and game modes, as well as test out the brand new crafting system.

Using the crafting system, players can build new weapons and character skins for fan favorites like Brutus and his massive sword, Zert and his dual arm cannons and the champ created by fans at PAX Prime: Dr. Jennifer, the transforming robot shark with…lasers!

Finally, attendees have a chance to be a part of indie game design during the “No, The Monkey Should Have a Chainsaw:  East Coast Version” panel.

That’s right, Friday, March 22nd at 8:30pm, the team will be giving gamers the chance to design the next official SmashMuck champ during a live session in the Arachnid Theatre.  Remember, it’s not a good con until somebody GETS SMASHED!

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