Meowzers Action Cats – Now Available on iTunes

Meowzers Action Cats – Now Available on iTunes

Calling all cat lovers of the world! Meowzers Action Cats is now available for iPad, iPod, and iPhone. Meowzers comes as a free to play game with 1 cat in Survival Mode, with the option to unlock two more feline friends, and an adventure mode with 45 levels.

With ongoing development of the game expect even more cat-tastic fun coming to Meowzers soon. Control up to 3 cats through their hilarious hijinx adventures, by yourself or in friendly cat-co-op mode! Play as Jazz, Quasar and Spark through 3 adventure worlds, each with unique items and visuals.

Or challenge yourself to achieve the highest-purr score in Survival Mode. Meowzers Action Cats is great light-hearted fun for cat lovers of all ages. Take heart meow, the bird game tyranny is ending. The Action Cats are here and they’ll keep you purrfectly entertained.

  • Collect trails of gems!
  • Catch tasty mice!
  • Dodge nasty dogs!
  • Wrestle with cardboard boxes!
  • Smash fancy vases!
  • Get herbed up on catnip!
  • Hide-n-seek in the grassy courtyard!


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