WarMage Battlegrounds – Launches on GamersLive.com

WarMage Battlegrounds – Launches on GamersLive.com

Burst Online Entertainment, in partnership with Reloaded Games, today announced that their multiplayer turn-based tactical battle game, WarMage Battlegrounds, has joined the list of high-quality free2play games on GamersFirst.com.

WarMage Battlegrounds joins the large GamersFirst.com community of 30 million registered users who span the globe and share a common love for games. GamersFirst.com provides players with a broad spectrum of games, and a prime opportunity to introduce players to new genres and hot upcoming titles.

“We are thrilled to have WarMage Battlegrounds added to GamersFirst family of titles. The ARMAS platform which powers GamersFirst.com provides us with a variety of helpful services that will benefit the overall gameplay experience,” said Damon Alberts, President of Burst Online Entertainment. “GamersFirst is a perfect fit for WarMage Battlegrounds and future products in development at Burst Online Entertainment.”

To celebrate the release of WarMage Battlegrounds on GamersFrist.com, Burst Online has updated the game to version 1.14 and has added three new battle units to WarMage Battlegrounds.

New Units Included in this update:

  • Bone Golem: Animated by Death Magic, the Bone Golem crushes enemies and knocks them backward through summoned Skeletal Fences.
  • Mountain Troll: A reclusive creature that will crush nearby enemies when provoked, the Mountain Troll can crouch, making itself extremely resistant to attack and immovable. While crouched, it will attempt to knockback and tackle any squad approaching or attacking it. The Mountain Troll blocks line of sight.
  • Treant: The Treant thrashes nearby enemies with its branches causing crushing damage. It can root and cause Life Magic damage to all adjacent squads. The Treant may cause knockback and may leave saplings as it moves. The Treant blocks line of sight and flight. Treant saplings block line of sight.

For a full list of updates included in Version 1.14, please refer to the official WarMage Battlegrounds community forums.

Official Website: http://www.warmagebattlegrounds.com

Official Forums: http://forums.warmagebattlegrounds.com

Steam Greenlight: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=93122455


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