Agricultural Simulator 2013 (Review) PC

Agricultural Simulator 2013 (Review) PC
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Agricultural Simulator 2013 is a big release like Giant Interactive’s Farming Simulator 2013. Gamers familiar with the Agricultural Simulator series already know they’re getting a game as comparable as Farming Simulator.

Unlike the previous releases in the series, Agricultural Simulator 2013 uses an engine similar to the one used in Agricultural Simulator Historical Farming. If you are familiar with the Historical Agricultural series, then you will feel right at home with this latest release.

Then there’s Agricultural Simulator 2012 and how it closely resembles Farming Simulator 2013 in that all the fields for your farm were ready to use. All you had to do was buy plots of land. This is not the case with Agricultural Simulator 2013. You have to actually dig your own fields. You can plow anywhere on the map (granted that you own the property) and you can make your plots as big or as small as you like.

Unlike the previous releases (with the exception of the Historical edition), you would take care of your animals by micromanaging them through the menu system. In Agricultural Simulator 2013, you actually need to care for your animals by herding and feeding them; they won’t feed themselves. You need to keep your food stocked to feed livestock and make sure they (your animals) have fresh bedding. Agricultural Simulator 2013 really shows you how hard life can truly be for a farmer.

Agricultural Simulator 2013 is as realistic as it comes. You can hire work hands to take on farm duties if you don’t feel up to the task(s), but workers don’t come cheap. There is a lot of equipment required to farm and you must manage your finances wisely if you plan on producing your first harvest. And one of the more difficult aspects of the game is plowing your fields. Since you must design a plot for your field, it can be a real challenge to prep your farmland.

Agricultural Simulator 2013 has one of the most remarkable physic engines in a simulator. You’re literately designing something out of nothing and it’s based on trial and error. It took me a few tries before I finally did everything correctly.

The physics are realistic; you can even see the ground beneath the tractor change and shape as you drive across it; there is nothing like this anywhere. UIG Entertainment has truly made an impact in the simulator genre.

Another important change to the Agricultural Simulator series is the ability to choose your location (i.e. where you want to begin working). You can choose from the United States, Tuscany or Alpines, which is a big thrill because each location is different and it changes the game experience dramatically. Each environment has its own style and it adds to the game’s replay value.

Everything you do in-game must be done manually. This means that every time you use or remove an attachment, you must do it yourself; there is no way around it.  You can’t backup to a trailer and press a hotkey to have it attach itself to your tractor either. You must get out of your tractor/vehicle and attach the trailer yourself  by clicking on the proper hookups. While attaching trailers may seem repetitive, it does leave you with a sense of accomplishment.

The player can develop their farm without any restrictions. The real fun begins when you try to figure out which equipment is best suited for the job. With seventy different attachments and vehicles to choose from, it will take you hours to experiment with it all.

Additionally, there are six different animal types you can raise on your farm. The animal selection includes cows (cattle), deer, bull, horses, sheep and chickens. Agricultural Simulator 2013 is also the first Agricultural Simulator to include sunflowers as a crop.

Agricultural Simulator 2013 is a beautiful game. There are times when the graphics can easily captivate the player. I caught myself a few times just admiring the environment (which is not the best thing to do as a farmer; time is money). The atmosphere is intoxicating, taking you to a world where you can experience things you wouldn’t normally in life.

Agricultural Simulator 2013 allows you to experience the life of a farmer; it even includes the tedious tasks that a farmer has to undergo each and every day  (i.e. visiting local vendors to purchase seeds or selling your harvest). You really feel like you’re part of the game when you play.

Some simulators make you feel like you’re on the outside looking in. Agricultural Simulator 2013, on the other hand, does the exact opposite. Plus, it’s a well-rounded simulator that is constantly receiving weekly updates that include bug fixes and patches. In the long term, the constant support makes Agricultural Simulator 2013 a fantastic simulator.

UIG Entertainment has always supported their releases with patches and updates; Agricultural Simulator 2013 is no different. And as far as simulators are concerned, Agricultural Simulator 2013 is one of the most realistic simulators available today. When you take that into consideration, it’s nothing short of amazing.

James ‘Daripp3r’ Pittaro
Developer: UIG Entertainment
Publisher: UIG Entertainment
Price: $19.95

UIG Entertainment’s Website

Review Score
The graphics are not only stunning, but realistic.
Everything from the tractors to the animals that roam your farm sound one-hundred percent authentic.
The most hands-on gameplay of any farming simulator.
Agricultural Simulator 2013 has experienced a few bumps in the road regarding bugs, but a steady flow of patches and updates have fixed them. Agricultural Simulator 2013 is shaping up to be the biggest and baddest farming simulator of the year.
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