Riot Zone Heats Up For The Holidays

Riot Zone Heats Up For The Holidays

Move over, gunpowder and lead!  Leading publisher Mail.RU Games today rings in the holidays with their fast paced PVP war title, Riot Zone. Free to play from anywhere without any downloads, this intense PVP action will redefine the RiotZone landscape.

Titanium and Kevlar is here, just in time to wrap mercenaries in their.comforting warmth?  There’s no deep freeze for these combatants

Winter is here.  We’re trying to stay warm and keep out of the cold wind, and our mercenaries are no different. These hardy guys prefer thick Kevlar, and besides, an added armor plate will keep them warmer that the thickest sweater.  The warehouses are filling up with equipment upgrades! Armor plates, gloves, knee pads, splinter-proof glasses – everything designed to give fighters added protection and strength.  Check the Auction House for these new upgrades and in a new mission.

Riot Zone is ready to ring in a new daily mission!  Once a day, ensure that the civilian evacuation is kept safe for as long as possible; the more waves that the player repels, the better their reward.  Every subsequent wave will be stronger than the last, so prepare carefully.  At the end of the mission, players will receive a daily crate.  Repel 10 or more waves for the best equipment upgrades!  Daily missions for players up to level 10 have also been streamlined to be simpler for new players.

To prepare for the new daily mission, try out the new training missions!  These missions are now available at any time, and players may choose the type of armor their targets will wear.  The first three missions completed daily will grant players bonus awards, as well as a chance to receive the coveted “Target Shooting Manual”!

RiotZone is also seeing several UI tweaks.  Now track your stars and currencies in a more precise manner in the game’s journal.  A quick transfer of leadership for clans has also been added; now the clan General can promote any officer into this position, passing the leadership torch to a new player.  There is also a new log-in bonus, where players will earn rewards based on how long they stay in the game; once all the rewards have been received, the clock resets and players will get a new change to earn some amazing bonuses.  When logged out, this login timer is paused, not reset like other games!

Good preparation is essential in “RiotZone”. Gamers will not only fight for one of the two factions – The Red Alliance or the Coalition of the Crown – but also train their soldiers, upgrade weapons and expand their base. Only the coolest strategic thinkers will prevail in numerous missions and PvP battles. RiotZone scores with many PvP modes: 1on1, 2on2 and 3on3 are just the beginning.

All participants will be generously rewarded, so be sure to join the battle daily from now until November 23rd.

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