GamesAid’s littleBIGbunch2: Choose Five Games for $10/£6!

GamesAid’s littleBIGbunch2: Choose Five Games for $10/£6!

It’s the season for giving so why not salve your conscience and give your inner-gamer a treat at the same time with littleBIGbunch2 a downloadable PC gaming collection for GamesAid, which allows gamers to pick up to five Indie games for just £6, €7.50 or just $10.

There’s more than £80, €100 or $130 worth of games to choose from so head on over to now to grab your LittleBigBunch.

Ian Livingstone OBE, Life President of Eidos and GamesAid Trustee offered, “Once again GamesAid has been overwhelmed by the incredible support we have received from indie games developers. littleBIGbunch only exists thanks to their generosity. This year we have a fantastic collection of games which we hope will appeal to gamers everywhere. Choose five great games from our selection and know that half your money is going to GamesAid and half to the amazing developers.

GamesAid is totally dependent on the free time and services given by the people working in the games industry. Equally we are extremely grateful to those people who donate so generously. We would like to thank everyone who gets involved and supports us. As clichéd as it sounds, every penny really does make a difference.”

It’s one of those rare occasions when everyone’s a winner! Here’s the line-up of great games on offer:

For fantasy fans, Archon Classic is React! Games’ reborn version of the epic fantasy strategy game, which takes board games to whole new level and Dark Scavenger takes an iteration of the RPG genre and breathes fresh life into it.

Disciples II Gold is Strategy First’s turn-based fantasy bundle, comprising the award winning Disciples II Dark Prophecy and its acclaimed expansions, while Head Up Games’ Grotesque Tactics is a satirical story driven RPG which parodies the genre and allows you to rescue half-naked virgins.

Serious Sam The Random Encounter is a splendidly odd JRPG offshoot of Croteam’s shooter series, Space Colony HD from Firefly Studios takes strategy into space with while Tofu 1 & 2 features the world’s most malleable martial artist in a hugely fun 300+ level platformer.

The Trouble With Robots is Digital Chestnuts’ splendid side-scrolling customisable card game, set in a fantasy world invaded by those troublesome robots.  Unstoppable Gorg is Futuremark’s cracking sci-fi tower defence offering which sees you defend the solar system from flying saucers and alien monsters.

Worms Reloaded is Team 17’s classic invertebrate battler with the usual dose of hilarious mayhem and carnage

What a bargain. Who said charity begins at home? Are you still here? Go fill your boots and do your good deed for the day with LittleBigBunch 2.

Little BIG Bunch 2:



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