Silkroad Online: New Expansion – Announced

Silkroad Online: New Expansion – Announced

Joymax announced a new and exciting expansion for their famous anchor MMORPG, Silkroad Online!  For returning players, November promises to be an exciting month with huge benefits, new and exhilarating challenges, and amazing events!

Named “Ignite Silkroad”, this enhancement will change the gameplay for both new and old players and is only the first of many new exciting changes to come.  From system improvements, increase benefits and incredible events, players can expect a different experience when they jump back to the vast Silkroad universe; especially to those who have been away from the game for a while.  “Ignite Silkroad”starts in just one week on November 20th.

Joymax has set out the welcome mat for returning players with bountiful gift packets filled with helpful items that will ready them for a new exciting journey. These goodie packets are filled with items normally only available through the game’s cash shop (max $129 USD worth!), and will be handed out for free to returning players! Starting on November 20th, all registered players who have been absent for at least a month will receive this unprecedented bounty.  But hurry!  This bonus only lasts only for three weeks. So, dust out your characters and jump into action next week.

Furthermore, players who wish to catch up to the glories of the high end gameplay will be happy to hear about the newly added system, “Rested Experience”. When players are away from the game, players are able to stack special buffs that will nearly double their experience gain when they return. Added with the improved balance in leveling up, players will be able to reach their end goal in no time!

“As the name ‘Ignite Silkroad’ suggests, Silkroad will return the burning excitement in the coming future and this update is only the tip of the iceberg,” said Nam-Chul Kim, CEO of Joymax.  “Rookie players and veteran, current players and those returning, will have much to look forward to throughout these changes.”

November 20th is not only a big day for Silkroad, but all of Joymax’s titles! Named “Joymax Day”, this shared one week event across all Joymax games will present every player with a whopping 1000% EXP Gain item!

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