Realms of Ancient War (Review) Playstation 3

Realms of Ancient War (Review) Playstation 3
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Realms of Ancient Wars (R.A.W) is an action role-playing game that is available for both Windows PC and PlayStation 3. R.A.W resembles games like Diablo 3 and Torchlight II from the ground up.

Unlike its competitors, R.A.W’s world is not an open sandbox with limitless options. Each area must be unlocked before you can progress to the next and this is done by completing objectives.

The levels are modest in size with plenty of locations to explore. The maps normally have a starting point and one way to exit the area. Despite being linear, the maps are rather large with plenty of enemies to kill.

R.A.W has three character classes – warrior, wizard and rogue . There’s an extensive leveling system in place where you can moderately customize your character. It’s not as extensive as some games, but some flexibility is present. R.A.W is a well-rounded game that does a lot of things right, but it does have some flaws. The game punishes the player for dying; it’s a very unforgiving process. To stay alive, you need to collect soul stones. Without these stones, your character will die and any current progress will be lost.

This process doesn’t seem all that bad at first, but then you realize you have a one percent chance of acquiring the same items you lost after dying.There are wav-points available, but they’re only used as re-spawn points if you happen to die with soul stones in your possession.

They don’t actually ‘save’ your progress. Soul stones are extremely rare and very difficult to find within the game’s levels. You need to play smart if you want to complete any of the levels. And if you’re careless, you will find your patients running thin as you have to start over from your previous save. Once you get past the unforgiving death penalties, R.A.W.‘s  gameplay is very solid.

One feature that really stands out is the ability to take on the form of the fallen ancients from beyond the grave. You character physically harnesses the power of these ‘Gods’ for a short time and can devestate nearby enemies. This is what makes Realms of Ancient War so unique; it separates the game from the rest of the genre.

You will need more than just fast reflexes to play Realms of Ancient War. If you don’t learn a good attack and dodge strategy,  you will find the game very difficult to play. But with that aside, the selectable classes are diverse and the single-player story is good for about eight plus hours of gameplay.

Online co-op play happens to be R.A.W’s most favorable feature. You can play with friends and battle the forces of evil together. Gamers who enjoy playing online will enjoy R.A.W as an online co-op experience. It’s easier to survive and your friends can watch your back.

Whether you enjoy playing a melee character, a spell caster, or a crafty rogue, Realms of Ancient War has something for everyone. And with a price tag of $14.99, you really can’t go wrong.

James ‘Daripp3r’ Pittaro
Playstation 3 (Available on PSN)
Developer: Wizarbox
Publisher: Focus Home Interactive
ESRB: T (Teen)
Price: $14.99

Focus Home Interactive’s Website

Review Score
Detailed environments that bring the dark, foreboding dungeons to life
Epic music adds to the game’s atmosphere.
Fast-paced action and an unforgiving survival system challenges the player.
Realms of Ancient War is a well-rounded action-RPG that puts your gaming skills to the test.
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