MapleStory Live – Demon Slayer Update Now Available

MapleStory Live – Demon Slayer Update Now Available

The Demon Slayer, the third character in Nexon’s wildly popular mobile game, arrives just in time for Halloween. In addition to being fiendishly stylish, the Demon Slayer introduces a new combat system that allows players to absorb Demon Fury through combos and unleash devastating Attack Skills.

Customize your Demon Slayer with fresh gear, harness the power of flight, and slash your way through 170 quests on a path to defeat MapleStory Live’s most fearsome boss, Arkarium.

What can a Demon Slayer do?

  • Complete 170 new quests and an original storyline
  • Employ unique Demon Slayer skills, including wings to fly and glide, and the ferocity of Demon Fury
  • Wield the Demon Aegis, a powerful shield with the extraordinary ability to boost the Demon Slayer’s stats even higher
  • Collect over 200 items to customize your Demon Slayer, including weapons, clothing, and Demon Aegis
  • Battle Arkarium, the Black Mage’s commander and most challenging boss to date
  • Discover the Ereve region, including 8 new maps, 9 new monsters, and new drops

MapleStory Live is the adventure-filled adaptation of Nexon’s worldwide sensation, MapleStory Online. Since launching this past summer, MapleStory Live on iOS and Android has been downloaded more than 1.3 million times and counting. MapleStory Live has already received three expansions and one previous character update, while new content and events are constantly introduced to entertain players around the globe.

The Demon Slayer update is available now for both the Deluxe and Free versions of MapleStory Live.

iTunes – Deluxe:

iTunes – Free:

Google Play – Deluxe:

Google Play Free:


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