To-Fu Collection (Review) Nintendo DS

To-Fu Collection (Review) Nintendo DS
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To-Fu is a compelling puzzle game that relies on physics to beat the two-hundred rooms that contain slippery walls, spikes, and other dangerous traps. As To-Fu, your goal is to overcome these obstacles and become the ‘Master of Chi’.

Originally available for iPhone, the To-Fu collection contains both games that iOS gamers have been enjoying for quite some time – To-Fu: The Trials of Chi and To-Fu 2. To-Fu is a physics-based puzzle game where you use the stylus to stretch To-Fu and direct him through mazes filled with dangerous traps like laser beams and spikes.

The game includes 200 challenging levels that range in complexity. Some levels are simple and only require the player to collect ‘chi’ orbs, while others have  navigating around traps and tight corners. The goal is to limit the amount of times you move To-Fu through a level. Some levels require To-Fu to move six times or less before reaching the exit, so it’s important to plan your moves. The player is awarded achievements when certain conditions are met, but they are not easily attainable.

To-Fu 2 is basically the same game as To-Fu: The Trials of Chi, but it offers expanded levels with more diverse puzzles. The same stretch and fling physics from the first game are present and the objectives remain the same. Neither game takes full advantage of the Nintendo DS’ screens. Instead of using both screens to display the level, the game uses the touch screen for gameplay and the top screen for achievements. This configuration makes it difficult to navigate through the larger levels.

With gripes aside, Rising Star Games’ To-Fu Collection is every bit as good as its iOS counterparts. The graphics are not as sharp as the originals, but they look the part on the Nintendo DS. Puzzle gamers looking for a new challenge will not be disappointed by To-Fu. It offers hours of enjoyment and plenty of replay value.

Mike Pittaro
Nintendo DS
Developer: Rising Star Games
Publisher: Rising Star Games
ESRB: E (Everyone)
Price: $19.99

Rising Star Games’ Website

Review Score
The graphics look good despite the drop in screen resolution.
Average sound effects and decent music.
In-game challenges increase the longer you play.
To-Fu offers hours of enjoyment and plenty of replay value.

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