Total War: Rome II – New Trailer

Total War: Rome II – New Trailer

We are currently introducing ROME II with a depiction of the bloody and hard-won battle of Carthage. The destruction of this mighty city – the trade-hub of North Africa, and the home of Hannibal – marked the end of the Punic Wars, and the beginning of Rome’s total domination of the Mediterranean. Rome produced many great heroes, and none more capable and self-aware than Scipio Africanus the Younger: a true Roman, a superb tactician, and later, a great statesman.

Carthage, and Scipio’s part in the city’s downfall, gives us an opportunity to demonstrate some of the new features we’re aiming to bring to Total War with ROME II. In particular, the way we’re pushing both ends of the spectrum of scale: from truly colossal battlefields, with combined naval and land actions, right down to the human level drama, the experiences of individual men. If you’d like to know more about Scipio and the events that led to one of the greatest sackings in history.

Carthage Trailer:


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