Total War: Rome II – Making of Faces of Rome Trailer

Total War: Rome II – Making of Faces of Rome Trailer

Today we are proud to bring you the Making of “Faces of Rome” trailer, featuring directors commentary and behind the scenes footage from the shoot of the Faces of Rome announcement trailer for The Creative Assembly’s upcoming Total War: Rome II.

Working with award-winning UK Director Will McGregor, the theme of betrayal soon solidified into three interwoven storylines which illustrate the internal struggle for power that defined Roman political, military and family life. Will and the team at The Mill soon set to casting the characters and settling on a shoot location: Budapest.

Will and the Mill team sourced historically accurate costumes, dressed three distinctive sets and, with The Creative Assembly’s in-house cinematics crew in tow, directed the Budapest shoot across three incredibly intensive days.

Throughout the process it became clear pretty quickly that Will is a gifted director – able to take a concept and drive it from the storyboard right through to the final cut, and end up with something artful, unique and very special – while solving every problem, dealing with every detail, and finding fresh inspiration for improvement at every stage along the way.

The Creative Assembly’s own Jeff Van Dyck, composer of the music for much of the Total War series, recorded and mastered the soundtrack for the trailer, and worked in close conjunction with Will to match visions and produce something that perfectly matched the thematic beats of the trailer.

Making of Faces of Rome:


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