Ragnarok Online: Renewal Update Now Live

Ragnarok Online: Renewal Update Now Live

Gravity Europe, the online video game publisher and distributor, is revitalizing its flagship MMORPG title with  Ragnarök Renewal. Currently boasting in excess of 55 million players worldwide, the smash hit online game is entering an exciting new phase of its life with the most thorough overhaul in its 10 year history.

The extended update includes enhanced gameplay systems, new classes and characters, a more intuitive interface, new environments and much more. Aimed at existing players and newcomers alike, the legendary MMORPG is available now for free download via Gravity Gateway.


  • Level cap raised to 150 (from 99)
  • 13 new job classes: high-level characters can now turn into a 3rd class evolution and learn new sets of skills
  • Game mechanics such as statistics and damage formulas get completely revamped
  • Experience curve adjusted from level 1 to 99
  • A new special area aimed at beginners to guide them through the first hours of their adventure
  • Enemies’ statistics and locations have been rearranged. Each area has had its average level rebalanced.
  • New weapons and armors for both new and old classes
  • User interface improved

A gaming giant is reborn with  Ragnarök Renewal
Ragnarök remains the undisputed model that all MMORPG titles follow and its DNA contains the very essence of the genre.  Its extraordinary longevity is proof enough, and ten years after its launch, we’re still innovating with Ragnarök Renewal. This is much more than just a game update – it’s a rebirth !” said Stéphane Bonazza, COO at Gravity Europe.

With  Ragnarök Renewal, adventurers will explore the lands of Rune-Midgard as never before. Awaiting players are 13 additional exclusive character classes, a new damage system, smoother interface and an optimized learning curve. Hardcore players will be able to reach level 150 while newcomers will take their first steps into a brand new world.

Gravity Europe: a new era dawns
This complete remake of Ragnarök Renewal is emblematic of our commitment to innovation, and we’re going to take it even further in the future with quality content for Europe delivered via our unified Gravity Gateway platform” said Yves Bléhaut, former Senior Vice President at Atari and Namco Bandai Partners, and now head of Gravity Europe.
Gravity Europe is also currently launching other new titles including Angel Poring for iOS.

Ragnarok Online – USRC June 23rd – Part#1:

Ragnarok Online – USRC June 23rd – Part#2:


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