Starvoid – Developer Diary – Overview and Backstory

Starvoid – Developer Diary – Overview and Backstory

You are a mercenary commander in the farthest reaches of deep space and your very survival depends on acquiring a rare commodity that powers your spacecraft. A commodity that the rest of the galaxy will fight to the death to get their hands on.

Welcome to the world of Starvoid, a multiplayer Real Time Strategy Game from Paradox Interactive and Zeal Game Studios set to release on PC in Q3, 2012.

In the video interview featuring pre-alpha footage, Ylva Sundstrom, Producer at developer Zeal Game Studios, describes how Starvoid with its easy to pick-up-and-play structure, has both Space and Western inspirations in its setting.

In addition to the interview, a 26-minute live play session of the pre-alpha build with the development team gives viewers a great taste of the drop-in-and-out gameplay.

Developer Diary – Overview and Backstory:

Starvoid Live Stream Footage – Game Overview:


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